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Empire National Bank is pleased to bring you Deluxe Provent®, an integrated suite of services that provides you with identity theft protection on all fronts, including: Prevention, Detection and Restoration.

Prevention & Detection

Internet Monitoring
Scans up to 6 Credit and Bank Accounts

Internet Monitoring constantly scans for your credit and non-credit information in black market chat rooms that sell identifying information.

  • Credit: scan any combination of 6 credit and/or bank account number.
  • Non-Credit: enter your name, Social Security Number, and other personal information to be scanned.
  • Receive alerts immediately once any of your scanned information is found for quick preventive action.

Credit Monitoring
Keeping a Constant Eye on Your Credit

  • Get notified when any changes appear in your credit file with 1 or 3 bureau credit monitoring.
  • Choose 1 Bureau Monitoring and receive alerts if there are any changes to your credit from 1 bureau.
  • Choose 3 Bureau Monitoring and receive a complete comparison of any changes to your credit from all 3 bureaus.

Deluxe Provent ID RestorationSM

A Certified Resolution Specialist will be assigned to manage your fraud or identity theft case. So whether you lose your wallet or your identity, simply call for assistance.

The EZShield® Promise: Should you experience an identity theft, certain preventive and complementary services will be provided to mitigate further risks.

Plus, eliminate paper trails and reduce your risk of fraud and identity theft with online storage of essential personal information that you would like to manage and protect with 24/7 secure access.

Enrollment is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit to view the various options.
  • When you are ready to enroll, enter your financial institution's Routing/Transit Number (9 digit number found in the lower left corner of your checks).
  • You'll be walked through the steps for enrolling and activiting your membership.